Co-Ord Crop Loungewear

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co ord loungewear feature

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Crushing on Co-ord this Season

I’m totally crushing on co-ord this season! There’s just something about matching that stands out and it helps you to look at it together. Shorthand for a co-ordinated look, a matching two-piece is just the touch of polish in my wardrobe. It’s all about that foot-free throw-on-and-go attitude when it comes to styling this season, and this is the fabulous one with no effort required. Enter the life-changing world of matching sets!

olive green co ord set

Solid set that you can wear together

But like rompers and dresses, co-ords are a solid set that you can wear together and never get wrong. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, co-ords provide you with two new wardrobe pieces to experiment with. The possibilities really are endless! Although they were designed to be dressed together, they work equally great apart. I mean, it’s really genius. There’s nothing more satisfying than a matching set to take you through these mild months.

Take the guesswork out of deciding what to wear

Co-ord sets getting dressed in the morning a very convenient experience. With a matching two-piece set, you can easily take the guesswork out of deciding what to wear because you already have a top and bottom that match perfectly. All you have to worry about is the shoes. And the accessories, of course and you are out of the door in no time. This season I’ll call on the co-ord day or night. It’s time to meet your match!

Khaki Loungewear Set

I’ve been gifted with this fabulous khaki loungewear set by femmeluxefinary. He is wearing a pair of heels and a wooden bag.

bamboo bag and co ord set
cropped co ord set

Is the matchy-matchy co-ord already a wardrobe staple of yours too?

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