Primary Color Outfits are the Shiz in Fashion Right Now

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Even though I was terrible at it, my art class in school was something that I always looked forward to. Partly because my art teacher was extremely pretty and partly because I just loved playing with colors. But I’ve always felt a certain kind of aversion to primary colors. I mean, I had plenty of other options…I was too cool for basics. But I think things have changed and I’m now all for the ordinary, over-used tones of Red Yellow Blue.

Primary color outfits are suddenly the shiz in the world of fashion and so I thought I’d put together an outfit using primary color clothing. I don’t usually wear this many equally bright colors together but I guess, it wasn’t too bad. Three years from now, I might feel like taking this post down but right now I REGRET NOTHING!

I am sorry if this is too bright and happy and your head hurts right now from this primary color fashion. I would also love to try monotone outfits in the three colours because that would be dangerously out of my comfort zone and thus, fun. I am not very sure of an all-yellow outfit though, we’ll see. For regular updates, follow me on Instagram here.

Primary Color Outfit Details:

Trousers: ZARA
Top and Earrings: Romwe
Shoes: Lavie
Bag: Gifted
Sunglasses: Screaming Nayan
Photographs by Ankit Mathur

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