Indispensable Style Tips And Shopping Advice For Fashionistas

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If you love to look your best at all times, you will know that doing so actually takes a lot of investment and hard work. Happily, with the indispensable style tips and clothes shopping tips below – you can make the whole process much more manageable. Thus freeing up time for you to engage in other exciting activities, while looking amazing, obviously!

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Style Rules

Have style rules, but don’t be afraid to break them! Style rules are all about knowing what looks good on your body, and what influences you tend towards. They are super useful because they can help you navigate the sea of designers, lines, and choices that we are faced with on a daily basis in fashion. Fashion rules can also help us to create our own look, which as all fashionistas know is a visual extension of our identity. Therefore it is vital to have some cohesive themes and influences that can help us to achieve this.

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Breaking Style Rules

Sometimes breaking style rules and clashing colors and patterns can be fun! Of course, regarding what suits our body style rules are crucial as well because not every garment, style, and color will suit every person. In fact, many people rely on body shape, coloring, and tone guides to help them decide which styles, cuts, and colors look the best.

Such guides can be particularly useful for folks that don’t have a natural sense of what suits them or what they feel comfortable in, but they can also help anyone create a working base for a stylish and fashionable wardrobe.

However, too many strict rules and things can get boring and restrictive, and that is why it’s important to hold them loosely as guidelines and be able to break them once in a while. For example, you may know that your coloring is cool neutral; and so blue-based tones look best against your skin, yet you see the most fabulous top in lime green and decide to go for it. In fact, the one rule that should supersede all others here is that if it makes you feel fantastic to wear it, you should go for it!

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Next, when it comes to fashion, remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Of course, this isn’t an excuse to go out and exactly copy every cute outfit or makeup look that you see on Instagram down to the letter. Instead, use others in the industry as inspiration, and adapt and customize the looks they produce to your body, face, and style.

After all, things are bound to look better when you take into consideration your own body shape and features, and that is what the ultimate goal is here.

Investment Pieces

Your wardrobe is an investment! Another critical issue that true fashionistas need to remember is that your wardrobe isn’t just something frivolous, but a long-term investment and this counts doubly so if you are looking to have a career in fashion. In fact, the way you are dressed is the first thing that other people perceive about you, and it can convey a lot of information before you have even opened your mouth!

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fashion investment pieces

Therefore it’s essential to treat and manage your wardrobe’s investment pieces as you would any other investment. One way to do this is to ensure that you deal with the costs and budgets involved as effectively as possible. The idea is that you manage what you spend, rather than it being the other way round. Happily, there are quite a few strategies that you can use to do this effectively.

One is to have a set budget each month and only pay for your items with money that you have assigned to this. In fact, by doing so, you can prevent going into debt for you fashion purchases, and ensure that your spending remains in proportion to your earnings.

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However, as is so often the case in fashion, it is often necessary to spend a considerable amount to guarantee the purchase of a larger piece or even a particular line of the clothes that you want to add to your wardrobe before they sell out. Luckily, there are even tactics that can be used in these sorts of situations.

One is to use a credit card, something that can help you to ensure your purchase as well as just pay for it, and give you the opportunity to settle the bill over a number of months rather than all in one go. Then, there are department store cards which are not only convenient in allowing you access to a vast range of collections and accessories, many of them from higher-end designers but can even help you maintain a good credit score. Something that will be important in allowing you continued access to key purchases for your wardrobe later on as well.

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Designer authenticity matters! Last of all, when buying accessories, especially from outlets that are not the original producer, or in a vintage state you must bear in mind that the authenticity of your purchase matters.

In particular, fake goods can look particularly convincing these days and can take expert eyes to determine them from what is authentic. Of course, this is something that can end up costing you a lot of money if you end up paying the full price for something that is not genuine.

Therefore, it is always wise to check out the guides online that list all the details that will help you determine whether what you are buying is the real thing or not. Otherwise, you can quite easily invest in something that will not hold its long-term value and will be spotted by those in the industry as being a fake. A situation that would be a smear on your style that no true fashionista would ever want to experience

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