How To Get The Tailored Fit Every Time

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You know what’s the worst? Going shopping and finding something you absolutely love, only to find that it fits you…completely wrong. It’s like some sort of cruel joke. Whether your bust is too big (or in my case, too small ? the worst!) for the the top that fits you otherwise perfectly, or the jeans that fit your thighs just right, but leave a gaping space between your butt and the back hem of the jeans because you aren’t a Kardashian, it’s an altogether frustrating scenario that happens wayyy too often. (Don’t lose heart just yet though – this post is gonna help you get the perfect fit!)

So what are your options when this happens? You can either get your beloved item anyway and spend even more money on it by taking it for tailor measurements to fit you perfectly (which, don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favour of for the right garments – but it can get real expensive real quick to have all of your garments as a tailored fit!), or, you can walk away from it in slow-mo as one dramatic tear rolls down your cheek. Alright, I might be exaggerating just a bit – but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t ever cried over a piece of clothing before. ?

Thankfully, there just so happens to be a third option now – and that comes through a little company called eShakti! They make it possible for you to get the perfect fit every time! Basically what they do is give you a bunch of tailor measurements when you order a garment through them – so that way when it comes to you, you already know it’ll fit you just right! You can even input your exact tailor measurements in case you’re one of those people who’s skeptical of the accuracy of size charts at times (right here ??). Depending on what product you order, they’ll give you a bunch of sleeve style and length options, collar options, hem length options, different waistlines and waist-lengths, etc. It’s almost like a nice little surprise when you click on a product – because then you scroll down and see all the different ways it actually could look! I love this because you can then make your clothes so unique and personal to you. Oh, and the best part about this is they offer this service absolutely free! So, basically tailored fit clothes for just a regular price. ?

Tailored Fit Products

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Top (c/o eShakti) – Similar Here and Here | Jeans – Similar Here | Shoes – Similar Here Bag

Unfortunately my exact top that I got from there is no longer available, but I linked to some similar pajama style tops, and you can go ahead and just peruse all the other options that eShakti has too! Besides, even if you don’t find something you like, you can always customise it until it feels like a tailored fit for you!

Do any of you ever have problems finding clothes that fit perfectly?



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