To Beret or Not To Beret

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Knowing how to wear a beret is difficult, yay or nay? What do you think about the current beret trend? They are everywhere no doubt, but I sort of feel like I need to be this awesome European girl who’s in Paris all of the time to rock it, ha!

I made it a goal this year to try trends that are super out of my comfort zone and that even at times make me feel, well, silly. Because of this goal, I’ve come to believe even more that if you feel confident in what you’re wearing (even if you might feel silly at first) other people will be attracted to that confidence in you.

AND that many of the things that I don’t feel super comfortable in at first, end up being my favourite pieces. I somehow gain a new confidence for things that I’m scared to wear but end up loving.

Confidence is something that I’ve always struggled with, but I’m really, really trying to shut out the negative self-talk and rock my own style despite what others might think.

But confidence can be a tricky thing. Personally, I think it starts from within but is magnified by how you feel on the outside. And let me just say that how you feel on the outside doesn’t mean that you have to look a certain way, but finding that part of yourself that when you look in the mirror you feel good (no matter what size you are, etc.). Hopefully that makes sense.

beret trend

This how to wear a beret dilemma though… I’m going to be honest… with this one I’m finding it hard to get over that silly feeling. I’ve seen people wearing a beret in so many cute ways and I’ve been inspired by the looks that I see, but I’m still just not sure about it!

What do you think? Do you dig the trend?

I like the look in pictures, but in my day to day I think it might just be too much. Maybe it’s that I’m so in love with a fisherman’s hat that I feel like I’m cheating?

Or maybe it just doesn’t feel “me” enough. I feel like it’s a Parisian thing to do and I’m an Oregonian…

Not, sure…

But I do think it’s healthy to continually challenge yourself, even if it’s with something small like wearing a new kind of hat.



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