Beret with Pearls and a Biker Lady Look

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This look is not as elegant as what you have seen from me so far.

In addition to elegance, I also really enjoy the casual vibe, especially when there is a beret with pearls involved!

Today was a day when something really changed in my mood. Baggy jeans, sweet short top and a beret with pearls on my head and I felt that my casual look reflected my change in mood. With all that I decided to combine, I thought that my deep Ego boots gave the combination its special look. Otherwise, I love the beret with pearls and it makes the combination stand out in a crowd.

I always alternate how I wear these items and I’m always wondering if I wore them well. This time I felt really confident with the look overall, which is a great feeling! Baggy jeans are there to emphasise the casual mood and make everything look more relaxed. I don’t know how much of a baggy jeans fan you are, but I have to admit that I don’t wear them too often. But as I said, sometimes there are moments when I want to wear them so badly and thus, here they are on me.

Whatever you combine, it’s important to preserve some of your femininity. I don’t like to combine baggy jeans with totally casual pieces for instance because I feel that the whole combination looks somewhat messy. Instead, I decided to combine them with a short black top and a leather jacket this time to create a strong impression of a biker lady.

I actually wore this combination in a walk with my friends and I recommend wearing it with a more relaxed intent, not for something more formal. I hope you like this casual style and I hope you can already imagine it in on you!

See you and thanks!

Dragana Savic
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