Fall Outfits and a Back to School Vibe

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Back to school is basically another way of declaring the end of summer and the beginning of a new season, fall. Luckily I happen to be one to love fall outfits, it is undisputedly the best season for fashion. Layers will put you to the test (how creative can you be?) and the leaves outside will challenge you to try a more dramatic color scheme.

Fall is to me the season when you fall in love. You fall in love with the creative side of you (again). You figure out new strategies in your career, you find passion in new projects, and you come up with new outfits that keep you warm and look good (layers!).

While this outfit does not include a whole lot of layers (lol), nor does it scream color, it is “back to school” to me. It is back to being creative. Back to figuring new ways out. I just so happened to come across this dress in a second hand store. And with a pair of high knee boots, black beret and accessories – this boring ol’ dress suddenly came to life screaming Sty-lish! When the temperature really starts to drop, I’ll just sneak a long sleeve top underneath, put on a pair of stockings and top it off with a killer coat.  After all, that is what style essentially is about – making things your own personal style.

black beret
black beret

Back to school, back to work, or whatever you’re back to. Let’s all get back to moving forward in the things we love to do, and let’s all do it in our own unique style. ♥

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