Cowboy Boots are still going strong

cowboy boots summer

Cowboy boots have taken the runway

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It seems like cowboy (or girl in my case) boots have taken to the runway and are still going strong. On Instagram, Off-White recently posted their “FOR WALKING” women’s boots and it inspired me to dig out my Frye Billy Pull-On babies, from a collab with Zappos, and style them with some summer shorts.

Throw on some flats

For practicality, because Huntington Beach and cowboy boots in July aren’t exactly compatible, I also decided to throw on some flats to showcase a little versatility in the look. I’ve paired both the boots and flats with a tasseled short from H&M and an oversized sweater that was a go-to during my pregnancy. Finally, I opted for a bag gifted from the Philipines, that added more dimension in the form of detail to an otherwise colorless outfit.

Outfit Details

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