Dramatic Sleeves Floral Romper and White Studded Booties

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I can’t believe Vic and I have less than a month left in California! Now that we have less than 30 days left, I’m seriously starting to feel a little sad that I haven’t explored LA and OC as much as I would have liked. I still have SO much left on my explore bucket list that I haven’t checked off that FOMO is starting to kick in! ?

I’m just hoping that I can cross as much stuff as I can off my list before we leave, starting with FINALLY visiting the infamous Beverly Hills Hotel! I’ve been DYING to visit it for so long, but I seriously hate dealing with the LA traffic.

I definitely brought the garden to the party with this gooooorgeous dramatic sleeves floral romper that I scored for only $23! Eeeeek, I always get SO excited when I manage to score such a great deal on a beautiful piece of clothing without skimping on quality! Anybody else? ??‍♀️

white studded booties
rectangle buckle belt
red buckle belt

This dramatic sleeves floral romper is nothing short of amazing. From the dramatic bell sleeves, the choker neck, to the open back details, this dramatic sleeves floral romper scores a 100 in my book! ? I also love how romantic and feminine the floral print is! It was absolutely perfect for a day of shooting and exploring the Beverly Hills Hotel!

This dramatic sleeves floral romper also comes in a gorgeous dark green color AND it also comes in plus sizes. YES!!!! ?? The best part???? The plus size version of this dramatic sleeves floral romper is only $9!!! NINE DOLLARS, say whatttt!!! ??

For reference, I’m wearing the medium and it fits like a glove!

white studded booties
black fedora hat
red buckle belt

I decided to pair the dramatic sleeves floral romper with a bold red rectangle buckle belt to add a little contrasting color to this outfit! Since I was going for more of a feminine boho look, I just HAD to top it off with my favorite black fedora hat!

floral romper

To seal this whole look, I paired my dramatic sleeves floral romper with my new favorite pair of white studded booties from Qupid Shoes. Ohmygosh, if you watched my Insta Stories, then you know that when I unboxed this bad boy, I literally was DYING. I don’t think I could love a pair of shoes more than I do with this white studded booties.

white studded booties

They’re also available in red and black, AND it’s only $48! Trust me when I say that I have to practice self control because I’m literally itching to get my hands on both the red and black studded booties, too! ? Although I know I can’t because Vic will kill me, since he said I should be downsizing my closet, not adding to it, oops! haha

I shot another look at the Beverly Hills Hotel that I already can’t wait to show you in another blog post! All I can say for now is, it sure is colorful! ? Until next time!

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