How to Style Booties for any Season

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How to style booties? Pull a Nike and just do it.

The end.

Jk, guys. I’d never leave y’all hanging like that. See below for my favorite ways to make sure those cute boots of yours get worn year round.

how to wear booties
how to style booties any season

Most of this outfit is old, because WORLD’S WORST FASHION BLOGGER. But I’ve pulled together the most similar options I can find, in case anybody feels like twinning with me.

This one honestly goes on my all-star list, because it really is one of my favorite looks of all time. Basically, I fashion hacked a wrap dress, called it a kimono, and added the jean shorts and booties, because it was a gazillion degrees outside. So, to recap, JOHN, I made two outfits from ONE dress (which means I am frugal OBVS), and was able to wear the boots that I LOVE SO MUCH for more than two seasons.

Using your boot-drobe (boot wardrobe, and yes we ARE going with it) to transition summer to fall is a totally boss fashion move. It instantly makes you look like you know what you’re doing, plus it allows you to go ahead and wear the super cute boots you bought on clearance last spring, because yes they WERE a necessary purchase, and YES we DID save money by spending it.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite ways how to style booties year round. You can thank me later. (Or now. Now is fine too.)


Pair dressy shorts with a fun boyfriend blazer (and a tank or graphic tee). Add SLOUCH BOOTS. And prepare to have people tell you how cute you look all. day. long.


Pair studded ankle boots with some denim cutoffs. Add a kimono. People will be too intimidated by your fashion knowledge to actually tell you how cute you look. But they’ll totally say it in their minds.


Find a cute mini dress, skirt, or even those dressy shorts from number 1, and bust out those OTK boots.  And by “mini,” I mean anything above the knee. Because, CHILDREN. *Your slouch boots will also work here, btw.


Wear a fun midi (below the knee and above the ankle) OR maxi dress/skirt, and add some sock booties. (or even those slouch boots again).


Grab a tank dress and some full on combat boots. If you’re feeling real sassy, make it a slip dress. Again, people will be too scared of you to tell you how cute you look. Or else they’ll immediately start chanting “Donna Martin graduates!” Either way, I say swipe on that purple lipstick, don that mood ring, and go watch Reality Bites.

(Or just wear your slouch boots.)

(Again, we all need slouch boots right this very minute.)


And spoiler alert? #donnamartingraduates

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