My Love Affair with Neutral Outfits

By May 16, 2018 July 16th, 2019 No Comments

If you know me, I love both the simplicity and sophistication of ‘basic’. Contrary to popular belief, I like to keep my closet as minimal as possible since excessive things trigger anxiety. Now before I go on talking about anxiety let’s dive into why neutral outfits should be considered the amazing gift to humanity.

It’s great to hold on to colours you can use across the board, with the versatility to pair with any colour, pattern and occasion.

Aaand of course I will start with my favourite neutral colour – BLACK. Honestly if I had my way I’d be wearing black everyday. But luckily I collect myself, but come on! Is there anything black cannot be paired with? No matter what your height and weight are, black never disappoints.

Charcoal grey is the next best thing to black- light enough to demonstrate dark, yet unique and light enough to be paired with any colour including black and bringing out the versatility.

Neutrals together make a fun outfit. My favourite kind! I love pairing my basic colours in 3s. Look at the 3 outfits – notice the similarity? The colours of my outfits are not too eye-catching by themselves. But when grouped together, the outfits don’t look too shabby after all.

I’ve been crushing over olive and this mauve-grey colour and added them to my ‘neutral necessities’.

Now many ask if prints can ever make it into the basic category. Of course! The trick to doing neutrals is to answer one simple question: “will this colour/pattern/texture blend in with anything I pair it with?”

Leopard print is one of my favorite neutral prints. From head to toe I own to everything leopard (no shame!). It gives life to a boring outfit, while at the same time not being too loud when you pair with other colors or even pattern.

Another favourite – you guessed it, leather! There’s something edgy yet basic about leather that keeps my outfit interesting. For instance in this French-inspired outfit I added a leather skirt to add a touch of new texture and character to an otherwise simple look. Remember a small change makes a huge difference.

And of course when it comes to a pop of colour or focusing on a statement piece, for example these gorgeous metallic boots, I like to opt for a neutral (ahem black) outfit.

And there you have it, my guide to why and how to love your basic colours.

Thanks for reading. I’m off to enjoying a nice cup of peppermint mocha. You should enjoy your cup of coffee too!