How to Pose in Pictures to Look Taller and Slimmer

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how to look taller in photos

Looking taller and slimmer

Hi everyone! Today’s post is dedicated to all of you, who like me, suck at posing for pictures, and/or are vertically challenged. I know I’m not a model, and I’m still an amateur at posing and looking natural in photos, but I want to share some of my foolproof tips/tricks to looking taller and slimmer!

To start off, I’m standing at 5′ 3 or 4 in. I’m also not the most blessed in terms of proportions, with a longer torso than legs, and a rather big head. (Seriously till this day I’m being teased for my big head 😭) So when I take pictures for my blog, I make sure to capture my best angles with these tips. Read on for my tips on how to pose in pictures!

*Keep in mind that these tips are mainly for full body shots!*

tricks to looking taller


This is a simple, but super effective tip to keep in mind. If you leave more space above your head, you will look taller and more proportionally balanced. The opposite is true if you leave a lot of space below your feet. It will not be as flattering of a shot and stunt you.

how to pose in pictures to look
look taller and skinnier in photos


The point is to elongate those legs as much as possible. And to do that, you want to make sure you point your feet outwards. Rather than just standing with your feet together or apart, place your weight on one leg and point the other out. Make sure to match your feet to the bottom of your frame as well!

tricks to looking skinnier
looking skinny in photos


When you’re posing for photos, try leaning back ever so slightly. It does wonders for making you look slimmer and taller. I don’t know if the small head is just an asian thing, but it’s considered very desirable to have a small head/face. So this tip is a popular one as it also makes your head look smaller and more proportionally flattering!

*Just make sure not to lean too far back as it will look unnatural!

how not to pose
how to pose for pictures


You want to create a lot of space and angles in your body while posing. It is not only more dynamic, but makes you look slimmer as well. It’s only natural that when you have your arms/legs pressed against your body, your fat will squish, widen, and make you appear larger than normal. So always be aware of unsticking them from your body and having fun with them!

how to take good pictures
look taller in photos


This tip doesn’t need explanation am I right? Getting down low will elongate those legs and do wonders for your photo! Taking shots from high up, or simply straight on will be unflattering and make you look un-proportional. Just make sure you don’t get too low and end up with multiple chins in your shot! 😂

I always use a combination of these tips to make sure that I take the best shot of me possible. I hope you guys try these out and have as much success as I do! Let me know if you have any tricks on how to pose in pictures! I’m always trying to learn more🥰

xo love and good vibes

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