How to Wear Long Sleeve T-Shirts with Rose and Thread

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how to wear long sleeve t shirts

I’d put a bet on the fact that you have a long sleeved t-shirt in your closet and let me tell ya, I don’t bet often – why put money on red when I can put money toward a new pair of shoes #amiright?

I partnered with Rose and Thread to put together two looks using their best selling long sleeve. Of course, I was down for the challenge.

Dressing up a long sleeve t-shirt

The best part about dressing up a t-shirt is you quite literally can do anything. My initial reaction was to do something a little crazy (read: vinyl pants); but still keep it low key enough that anyone can feel comfortable wearing the look.

Always Size Up

Before I get into how I styled each tee – I want to mention that 99.9% of the time that I purchase a t-shirt I always size up. I love the look of oversized t-shirt and that they can be a little slouchier than what a normal sized tee would fit.

You also have more options in terms of styling – tied up, over cycling shorts, half tucked, etc.


These particular Rose and Thread tees are so versatile, so styling them was a breeze. Also side note – these are probably the softest tees that still hold their shape. No wonder they’re a best seller.

how to wear long sleeve t shirts

The first look I wanted to go a little edgy. I decided to stay on trend with the monochrome; but also add something unexpected – the vinyl pants. I threw on some strappy heels to show a little skin since I am pretty covered up on top.

how to wear long sleeves
how to wear long sleeves 1

I’ve said this before, but when going tone on tone the key is to mix up the textures. i.e. the soft tee with the shiny vinyl with the utility belt. It helps break it up a bit – unless you’re going for the jumpsuit look (which can also be super cute!).

long sleeve tee
strappy heels

The second tee I styled into the suit trend that’s everywhere these days. I love the suit trend, so I figured it’d be a perfect way to dress up a plain white tee. Just throw on a blazer and you’re good to go!

white long sleeve shirt
white long sleeve shirt 1

Usually when I wear a shirt under a blazer, I let the sleeves peek out a little to create some intentional layers. I also love to scrunch my sleeves up a bit to make the whole look more relaxed.

white long sleeve shirt and blazer
white long sleeve shirt 2

I also have been very into rolling suit pants and pairing them with a class, white sneaker.

white full sleeve t shirt

The best part about layering with a t-shirt is that during transitional weather (like, um, Atlanta right now); you always have the ability to take a layer off.

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