Why you can never go wrong with minimalist style

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black hoodie dress

Why you can never go wrong with minimalism?

The terms “minimalism” and “basics” are often related. The minimal clothes are usually basics for most, where as basics don’t necessarily have to be in minimalist style for everyone. The difference is in taste and needs of each individual.

Minimalist style

An outfit consisting of one or two colors max is typical for minimalist style. The color spectrum is restricted to white, dark and neutral colors. The used fabric is of perfect quality.

Why choose clothes in minimalist style as the wardrobe basics?
  • they combine perfectly with other styles, colors and patterns.
  • they are a safe bet during uncomfortable situation, when you stand in front of your wardrobe and you feel like you don’t have anything to wear or when you get a surprising spontaneous invitation and you don’t have the time to go shopping.
  • color-wise tempered styling looks sophisticated. The level of the impression of luxury depends on the quality and realisation of the outfit.
There are 2 ways how to wear minimal clothes:
  • Real minimalists wear strictly sober outfits when it comes to color. The result might either pose as sophisticated or a bit dull
  • To others I would recommend using monochromatic clothes in basic colors as the default element for the outfit assembly.

The keypiece of my two new creations is black knitted mini dress with a hood. The cool detail are the white laces with a logo print protruding from the hood.

1 – casual city Look

Mid-length narrow-cut denim jacket in patchwork design together with the white cowboy boots multiplies the overall cool effect. Because the jacket by itself is very dominant item, the rest of the outfit I left in the black and white basic. The black Twist handbag by Louis Vuitton gives the look a noble touch.

2 – chic city Look

The hooded dress looks more chic together with a cut loose khaki spring jacket with drawstring à la parka, with red glamorously looking handbag from crocodile leather and black ancle boots on high heel. You can choose styling as such also for informal events. Because the red handbag is an obvious eye-catcher, I chose the rest of the outfit in muted colors.

You’ll find the minimalist version of the styling of this dress on the following pictures. One or two basic colors are involved in it.


your Maeddi

Outfit Details:

Dress: Maison Scotch here

Look 1 – Jacket: Zadig et Voltaire here, Shoes: L’Intervalle similar here, Bag: Louis Vuitton here

Look 2 – Jacket: Zara here, Shoes: Mango similar here, Bag: The Kooples here

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