Petite Fashion: High Waisted Pants

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high waisted pants

Lover of anything high waisted

I’m a huge lover of anything high waisted – and I’m pretty sure my fellow petites will understand why. They’re flattering, super comfy and do wonders for elongating the legs! I recently bought this pair of trousers and wanted to share them with you guys. It’s not every day that I find bottoms I don’t need to cut! So these are one of my best finds in petite high waisted pants!

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how to wear high waisted pants

Boyish and Utilitarian Look

Normally, I would wear these with a t-shirt or blouse, and some smart pumps. However, I wanted to take a different approach on styling and went for a more boyish and utilitarian look.

I opted for a cropped tank this day because I thought it was going to be warm. But as you can tell by the pictures, it was overcast all day. ?I’m still not comfortable wearing cropped tops alone and showing my belly button, so I always pair them with something high waisted like these bottoms. I also went for casual sneakers to further the tomboyish and casual look.

how to wear high waisted pants
utility fashion trend pants
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high waisted pants

A new experience for me

Also, please excuse my especially puffy face in these photos. I’ve been having an allergic reaction to either something I ate, or my makeup. I can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what it is, so I guess I’ll just have to wait till I visit the doctor. Up till now I was never allergic to anything, so this is a new experience for me?

Let me know what styles you guys have been loving to wear lately! I want to get more experimental and play around with different styles! Hope you all have a lovely day ?

xo love and good vibes

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