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Basic B****? I think not. These basics are anything but boring, and you can wear them over and over for years to come…

Why Basics are Iimportant

Trying out new trends is always great. But, when it comes to quick dressing (like when you’re running late in the morning and don’t have time to think about your outfit) you need to have a few basics in your closet.

Will I Ever Be On Time Again?

Running late in my new M.O.I can’t help it.

If I manage to get baby Ollie fed, changed and dressed on time it’s a miracle. Once in awhile it happens and I feel like I’ve actually got this Motherhood business down. Then, I have to drive back to the house because A) I forgot my phone B) I spilled my coffee on my shirt or C) Ollie took a massive dump in his brand new outfit (why is it always in the brand new outfit?!) and I already used the backup onesie in his diaper bag.

Got off on a tangent… but my point is you really need a go-to outfit for those rough mornings when you don’t have time to think about what you’re going to wear.

The Basics

In my opinion… there are five basics you need.

What are they?
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  1. Black Blazer: Ladies… please invest in a black blazer that fits you right. And if it doesn’t… get it tailored. I love this black blazer by Daniel Rainn because it looks great over a t-shirt and jeans or over a dress. It’s also well-tailored so I didn’t have to get it altered at all. I love wearing the sleeves pushed up for a laid-back feel. ((SHOP MORE BLACK BLAZERS))
  2. High Waist Jeans: I have so many pairs of high waist jeans in my closet it’s ridiculous. But, they are so flattering and really elongate your legs. I have pairs by Levi’sH&MEtienne Marcel and the list goes on. ((SHOP MORE HIGH WAIST JEANS))
  3. White Tee: I’m wearing a white pocket tee by Madewell in these photos, and I love that it’s the perfect length to tuck into high-waist pants. White tees are so important to have in your wardrobe, but they tend to get dingy over time. When you find one you like, buy at least two! ((SHOP MORE MADEWELL))
  4. Black Booties: I wear these Steve Madden sock booties ALL. THE. TIME.(Similar style here). They look great with jeans, skirts, dresses, basically everything! ((SHOP MORE SOCK BOOTS))
  5. Classic Black Bag: If you’re going to splurge on something… splurge on a classic black bag. I recently got this quilted black purse by Rebecca Minkoff from Shopbop and it’s my new favorite! ((SHOP MORE REBECCA MINKOFF BAGS))
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