Blazer and Denim Outfit

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blazer and denim outfit

Blazer and denim

Blazer and denim, it’s such a fail save outfit formula. You can wear it on repeat and it never let’s you down. It’s an evergreen combination that’s incredibly versatile and with so many different kinds of jeans, tops and accessories, the jeans & blazer style fits almost every occasion. You can opt for a traditional, feminine or semi-formal look. You can choose skinny jeans, flares, ripped jeans or even print jeans. By mixing and matching your separates, you can create any look you like.

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denim belt outfit

Live in this outfit formula

Could the classic be battered? There isn’t anything more classy, posh and chic than this fantastic item. It’s worth spending for such a masterpiece. I pretty much live in this outfit formula and it’s so easy to wear both casually for work and dressy for night. Depending how cold it is, I’ll sometimes swap a long sleeve or turtleneck under my blazer.

blazer workwear outfit
denim workwear outfit

Are you a fan of the blazer and denim look?

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