I Finally Found The Most Flattering Denim Overalls

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I Finally Found The Most Perfect & Flattering Denim Overalls

The Most Perfect & Flattering Denim Overalls - Madewell Overalls.The Most Perfect & Flattering Denim Overalls - Madewell Overalls

Outfit Details

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Denim Overalls: Madewell
Ruffled Top: c/o Shein (only $8)
Mules: Dolce Vita

On A Hunt For Flattering Denim Overalls

Ever since the overalls trend came out, I’ve been loving it! But at the same time I had to warm up to it because I wasn’t sure if I would look like a 5 year old haha. So to test it out, last year I got a pair of wide-leg overalls that was within my comfort zone. After that, I knew I wanted a pair of classic denim overalls. However, I had to be selective. I wanted to avoid looking like a farmer or a flashback from the 90’s if ya know what I mean. I’ve tried on several denim overalls, and they just didn’t fit right!

Found The Most Flattering Denim Overalls

I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about Madewell overalls. I even talked about it last year. So I went to the store and tried them on. OMG YES!! They were everything I wanted in a pair of overalls. I found the most flattering denim overalls ever! They seriously look so good on. It has that classic denim overalls look but chicer, ya know? I mean, it’s Madewell right? They know their denim!

The Most Perfect & Flattering Denim Overalls - Madewell Overalls

Why Is It Good & Sizing Info

First of all there’s stretch! Which means it is comfortable. Therefore I recommend getting your true size. I’m wearing a small in regular length. Usually I wear a small or size 27 in jeans. Heads up, it will feel really snug at first, but after wearing it, the stretch will loosen it up. And it will mold onto your body in all the right places. Aka – a flattering denim overalls.

It is perfect for any body type. One thing I struggled with denim overalls (aside from the style) is the fit. It is basically a skinny fitted jumpsuit, and that kind of style usually does not work with my body type. My bottoms usually have to be up a size due to my butt (haha!), but in general everywhere else is petite or smaller. So I was really impressed that these denim overalls were able to fit my body type.

On Instagram, I’ve also seen several other body types wear the same exact overalls. I’ve seen tall, curvy, petite, etc. You name it, I’ve seen it! I love it when brands take the time to make pieces that are inclusive! It’s just a win-win for everyone. These overalls come in petite, regular, tall, and plus size!

The Most Perfect & Flattering Denim Overalls - Madewell Overalls.


As much as I think these overalls are perfect, there is a minor downside. So I love that there is a zipper on the left side. It makes it easier to slide them on. However, the zipper does not have a clasp when it reaches to the top. There were a few times throughout the day that the zipper would slide down. Fortunately, they fit so well that nothing was exposed or falling out. However, considering the cost of it, I would have thought they would at least add a small clasp. The good thing is that the zipper sliding down only happened a few times versus constantly occurring.

The Most Perfect & Flattering Denim Overalls - Madewell Overalls

My Top

For some reason, I had the urge to pair it with a red top. So this top is from Shein, and it only cost $8. I love the subtle ruffle details! Looking back, I wish I got it in white. Tre & my cousin joked saying I look like Super Mario. I can’t help but LOL because all I’m missing is a news boy hat! Who knew Super Mario would inspire my outfit hahah!! I also would love to pair it with an eyelet top to give a summery vibe! On cooler days, I’ve been wearing it with a knitted sweater, and it fits comfortably!

My red top is fitted and fits true to size. If you are larger chested, I recommend sizing up. Part of me wishes I sized up too because I’d like it to be a little bit looser. Shopping at Shein can be tricky. I have shared my tips for shopping at Shein. I am definitely selective went it comes to shopping with them.

Have you tried on a pair of overalls? What are your thoughts? Is there one you love?

xo RD

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