High Waisted Jeans are a Summer Must-Have

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Denim jeans are the most fundamental item in everyone’s closet. It is the one piece of clothing that you can count on, regardless of the season, your mood or the occasion you’re dressing up for. It is also the easiest to mould into the vibe you’re looking to go for.

This otherwise ordinary garment has seen a great deal of evolution in the last few decades. With everything vintage coming back into mainstream fashion and a constant emergence of new styles, it is a lovely time for us fashion enthusiasts. We get to pick from both! When it comes to denims, you’ll find plenty of snazzy options {with unusual hems, patchworks, flared cuts} but the one style I’m really digging at the moment are high waisted jeans. It is a win-win for me because  a) it is definitely stylish and b) it hides my recently emerged belly fat to a good degree and allows me to wear fitted crop tops.

High-waist lowers also make your legs look longer and thus, also make you look taller {especially if they taper towards the bottom} . I found a really fun pair on Naomi Code and have been wearing it with t-shirts, crop tops, bralettes and basically everything. They are very loose fit so I don’t have to think twice before wearing them on a hot day.

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I also added a pair of oversized tinted clear glasses to give a more retro feel to the outfit along with gold hoops and a dainty layered necklace for some bling. For shoes, I went with a pair of pastel block heels from Ajio that I currently cannot get enough of.

Hope you like this post. Was super nervous to face the camera after a drastic haircut and weight-gain, but Ankit Mathur was behind the lens and he is just really good at being a photographer as well as a friend! Check out his work here. We have shot two more outfits in the beautiful streets of Lodhi Colony, which I’ll be publishing in the coming weeks.

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