How to put together an outfit

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how to put an outfit together

How to put together an outfit

Putting together an outfit can be hard. Real hard. Some days you spend hours going through your closet with only one occurring thought in your head: to burn it down and start from scratch. Well, don’t! Instead, put away the matches, and take a look at these tips on how to properly build an outfit using the pieces you already own.

The basics

You want to start out as a completely blank canvas, aka opting for the basics. I mean think about it, you wouldn’t want to add seasonings to an empty frying pan? You need a base to start with. The same thing applies to getting dressed. You start with the basics, then move on to the little extras. I’m talking neutral colors and well-fitted pieces. Start with the most basic of basics; A pair of straight legged jeans and a white crisp shirt – preferably one with a masculine cut.

Elevate the basics

So we’ve established that you should begin with the basics, but what kind of basics? Everyone has different ones that are best suited for them – From the color to the shape and cut of the garment – It’s important to find what looks best on you. However, I have a hard time imagining anyone looking awful in a white shirt.

How to build an outfit

It’s all in the details

Sometimes the most subtle details make all the difference. Roll up the sleeves of your shirt or tuck in your t-shirt. Lift up your collar or cuff your jeans. Wear your blazer on your shoulders or slinky slip over a graphic tee. These little extras show that you know what you’re doing, It gives off a kind of effortlessness – a certain Kate Moss vibe that shows that you know what you’re doing when it comes to fashion (and life in general).


Layering basic pieces in creative ways can bring an outfit to the next level. Tie a shoelace as a belt, wear a tube top over your white shirt.The options are endless.

How to put together an outfit


When It comes to choosing the right accessories for your outfit, I’d say this is where you do you. Like it chic and simple? great. Opt for some elegant golden hoops and a matching bracelet. Are you into the whole Iris Apfel look?  Fabulous! oversized sunglasses and chunky necklaces it is! When your whole outfit consists of basic pieces it gives you all this room to be creative with your jewelry. My go-to’s are a big chunky pearl necklace, a 70s headscarf or a pair of 90s sunglasses. But you do you! Anything works.

I hope this will make you not want to burn your closet down just yet.


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