How to Steal Monica Geller’s Style

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Monica Geller’s Style

As I’ve rewatched the tv show Friends about a million times by now, I’ve come to realize that Monica Geller’s style has been grossly overlooked, that and the enormous apartment she somehow could afford whilst working in a diner.
Even though Rachel Green was the style icon of the group, I think that Monica has some very memorable style moments – I mean she can even make a simple outfit like a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt look super chic.

The best thing about her wardrobe? It’s actually really easy to recreate! Scroll down to see the 5 clothing essentials for Monica Geller’s wardrobe and how to steal her style.

Straight leg jeans

A pair of straight legged jeans was definitely one of Monica’s wardrobe staples. (I mean she even wore them to a tap class, not really the best exercise outfit, but she definitely pulled it off.) Add a pair of black boots, a black t-shirt and you’re good to go.

A white button up shirt

A crisp shirt was definitely another Monica staple. She often styled them with mom jeans and a pair of loafers.

Mom jeans

Monica was a big fan of mom jeans, I love the one where she wore a red crop top and sneakers with them. Add a matching lipstick to really enhance the look.

Comfort is key

We all learned a lesson from that episode where she bought a pair of crazy expensive shoes that ripped her feet to shreds. A pair of oversized overalls and sneakers was one of her go-to leisure outfits.

Which Monica Geller outfit is your favorite? Is there any other tv show characters style you’d like me to recreate?

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