Tie back top and denim skirt

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tie back top

The tie back top – the breezy, party-in-the-back silhouette is the perfect way to beat the heat. Backless tops are an elegant, striking look for anyone looking to make a statement by showing some skin. Cut outs are a major staple piece in my wardrobe, though sometimes it takes a little something to figure out how to wear them.

denim skirt summer
satin tie back top

Denim is one of those pieces I live in all season long. It never goes out of style and it’s so versatile. It was out of question I had to pair the denim skirt with the satin tie back top that was gifted to me by femmeluxefinary. Jeans are one of the most versatile and timeless pieces in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s usually the first item I pick from my closet in the morning. It’s a classic, it’s trendy, it’s iconic! More denim looks here.

denim skirt summer look

* The satin top has been sponsored by femmeluxefinary

Do you incorporate the tie back top into your wardrobe?

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