Bold Stripes for Summer

black and white stripes dress

Bold midi dresses

When I was trying to figure out what to write this post about, all of the titles were something I have written before. Midi Dresses, Summer Layering, Stripes, Bags from The Real Real etc etc etc…. But I guess that isn’t such a bad thing! Trends are always changing, but it is safe to say that there are a few things that remain the same, both in my closet and simply universally timeless pieces. I think that bold midi dresses are one such item, as are my collection of LV bags so you can expect to see both of those things on here for yearssss to come!

Black and white stripes

When I think of the bold black & white stripes, I immediately think of Cath, because it’s one of her favorite combos. From pillows in her house to the decor at her wedding, black and white stripes has been her thing for quite some time now! But, I just couldn’t resist when I saw this dress on ASOS at this price ($29!!!!) So in the spirit of stripes for summer, I have rounded up some fun pieces that I have seen across a hand full of retailers this summer, giving you variety in style and price point!

black and white stripes
bold midi dress
midi dress summer black and white

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