Dresses that make you feel Feminine and Elegant

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Hmm .. How often do you wear dresses? On what occasions or do you adore them almost at every opportunity? If you’ve followed me on my Instagram profile so far, I believe you’ve noticed how often I wear them and I really enjoy them in private.

elegant dresses
elegant dresses 1

I feel feminine and elegant in every occasion with the dresses. Honestly, the dresses are the ones that serve it. They make you elegant, sophisticated and so feminine that all eyes are fixed on you. They are actually very simple to wear, and the effect is always the right shot.

feminine dresses
feminine dresses 1

What kind of dress do you like? Well, as far as I’m concerned, I adore a lace, a narrow waist, a fine cut, beading, fringe, a straight and simple cut, but also demanding dresses can be ideal for example Holiday occasions, because they are great for that time of the year.

dress elegance
short and elegant dress
short and feminine dress

In addition to dresses, which are in themselves decorated on our body, because I see them in that way, I like to create a creation myself with the help of jewelry, good footwear, scarves, to make it look like a real package. Colors? Every color can look perfect on a real dress. How to combine? You can wear a black dress, for example, with the color of a rotten cherry of a bag, sandals or simply a lipstick on your lips.

evening gown 1
evening gown 2

The most classical combination to look elegant without breathing. Of course, green or yellow color can make the whole look more attractive or, for example, a silver or gold color for a more hot look with a certain indispensable dose of elegance.

black dress
black dress

Of course, all black can also be a combination which can be ideal, so with the combination of important and opportunity, and just your mood, you want to bring out the whole look. When we determine everything, it’s important how are you going to wear your make up. For example, all black makeup eyes can bring the entire drama look to the climax and jewelry as I’ve already mentioned.

sequin silver dress
sparkly silver dress
sparkly sequin dress
sparkly sequin dress 2

Jewelry is very important in this part. It decorates everything that is missing. In this story there are different models and each is ideal for your own occasion. My favorite dresses at the moment for every occasion are just below.

pink and silver gown
silver pink gown

See you soon!

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