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I feel the flame in me

Oh how I feel the flame in me these days. Emotional roller coasters are permanent guests in my soul. But this flame? I’ve missed it. Strong, daring, sometimes intimidating, but mostly red. You know, my job is not necessarily making me rich, and it probably won’t in the nearest future. But despite this, having it and doing it is fulfilling enough. All I ever wanted and craved for was freedom. That is not to say that I am just jazzing my entire life, with no commitments. I am actually a very committed person, and I do seek for those commitments as I seek for food and water, they make me feel needed. But apart from that, I need to be free to do what I like. I remember while working 9 to 5 in a company, I was oftentimes finding myself wondering what the meaning of my life was. Did it even have a meaning? The decision to be on my own is the best decision I took last year.

Big, strong, gorgeous. And glorious.

As you know from Instagram, I have been travelling a lot to Moldova lately for a new not-so-secret project, which I am yet reluctant to talk about. It’s funny how I’ve been making fun of superstitious people around me my entire life, and now I don’t want to have the “evil eye” on my own project. But, you know, this project is my baby. Oh how infatuated I was with it lately! We have an intimacy, which I hardly want to share with anyone. It is also the only thing I ever did in my life that I predict absolutely no bad scenario for. I see it. Big, strong, gorgeous. And glorious.

Flaming red dress

And yes, I know it is not fair to serve you tiny little pieces and not actually tell you what I am talking about. But this post is not about the project itself. It is about feelings. Feelings I so missed having. It is about the flame of excitement that is burning in me.
Also, it is about the gorgeous outfit I am wearing. About the flaming red dress. I am often times asked how I plan my outfits. Well, I plan, but I always end up just wearing what I feel to. So, more often than not, you can read my inner state in my outfits.

red outfit flame
red pleated dress

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I was wearing: Zara red dress, & Other Stories trench coat, Public desire boots, Asos sunglasses

flame red dress
trench with dress
flame outfit

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