Lemon Print Dress and Round Bamboo Bag

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I’m so excited to be back with a super cute summer look!

If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you know that I LOVE cute little fruit prints!! There’s just nothing cuter than wearing lemon prints, watermelon prints, banana prints, well ANY print for that matter! ?

So when I saw this adorable off the shoulder lemon print dress, I just HAD to have it! I love that this lemon print dress is so lightweight, making it THE PERFECT dress for summer! The off the shoulder ruffle details and the length of this lemon print dress makes it so flirty and can be dressed up with cute little wedges or dressed down with sandals for a laidback summer look!

The best part? It’s under $25, eeeeekkk!!!! I literally have to practice self control and not buy anymore lemon print dresses! ?

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For reference, I’m wearing the medium in this lemon print dress! I always get questions on the fit of items from the likes of Zaful and Shein, and my biggest advice is to ALWAYS refer to the size guide for each individual item as it’s always accurate! For instance, I’m usually a US 6, and Zaful states in the size guide for this lemon print dress that I should get the Medium if I’m a US 6!

Okay, now let’s talk about the it bag of the year – this round bamboo bag! OH.MY.GOSH. I’m in loooooove!!! Seriously, I thought I couldn’t love another purse more than I loved the Cult Gaia Ark Bag, but this round bamboo bag totally tops it! This round bamboo bag is a dupe and similar to the Cult Gaia Luna bag, but for a fraction of the price!

The Cult Gaia Luna bag will cost you a pretty penny at $215, but this round bamboo bag is literally only $58 from Francesca’s. I’m also linking a similar one I found on Amazon for $36 and Etsy for $76.

cult gaia bag

If you’re on the fence about this Cult Gaia dupe bag, GET IT! It’s such a versatile piece for summer and looks good with all kinds of outfits! My advice, though, is to put your belongings such as loose change and keys in a small little makeup bag before putting it in this bag, because this bag is notoriously known for your items escaping through the holes! ?

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