Pink Ruffle Dress

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pink ruffle dress

Mama needs things to wear

It always seems as soon as the warm weather happens, my social calendar explodes.
With work, dance, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, shows and parties, my dance card is full!
Nothing makes me happier than being busy with all fun things, but mama needs things to wear!
This weekend alone, I have three events!

Dress from Nora Cora

I got this dress from at Nora Cora, and online shop I saw on insta.
BIG mistake…HUGE!
I ordered four items at the beginning of January for a trip I was taking mid February.
They did not arrive for my trip.
I inquired about my order status and they sent me a fake tracking number.
After a few more weeks, I got an email they were out of one item and I would be refunded.
Guess what? I wasn’t.
Many weeks later I got two items that were so minute, they would not fit my 12 year old niece.
10 weeks later I got this dress. My thoughts are, MEH. The fabric is not at all like it was advertised, the slit extremely high, the front is exceptionally low, and the arm holes are HUGE!!

If I were in a pinch, I could probably pull it off but I feel exposed and not comfortable.






Have you ever had an online boutique shopping catastrophe?
Have a fabulous day!
xx, Elise

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