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Summer Means Print

summer print pleated dress


Amora Pleated Dress in Green Multi dress

Amora Pleated Dress in Green Multi

Exploring colors and prints again

One of the most interesting things about my closet is to see how it has evolved since I moved back to the South from New York. Gone are the days of all black everything, and I’m exploring my love of colors and prints again. That love came to a head when I saw this Delfi Collective dress. The jewel tones and the unique print definitely caught my eye. However, it was the flattering cut that had me obsessed.

Loved the pleated skirt

I loved the pleated skirt, and the bustier top and tie made the silhouette extra special. I wore this dress on a Summer evening to a friend’s birthday party, and I can’t wait to wear it again. Maybe it will make an appearance in Ireland if the weather is right!

Outfit Details

Dress: Delfi.

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