Getting Romantic with Ruffles

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white ruffle dress

Ruffles are an amazing spring and summer trend

Ruffles are so romantic. Does that sound cliché? Anytime that I see anything with ruffles it makes me feel happy and feminine and flouncy. Ruffles are an amazing spring and summer trend because, in some way, ruffles just embody the warm, sunny days that make you feel all happy inside. And in retrospect, I feel like any ruffled dress or top that I see come off as just being the most perfect pieces for wearing to a picnic.

When picking out the ruffled pieces to add to your wardrobe, the best thing to do is to choose the ones that are simple because the ruffle should be the center focus. By keeping it simple, you’re look will definitely be classic and chic.

summer ruffle dress

Leaves me feeling super feminine

It’s a tie for me when it comes to whether I like ruffled dresses over ruffled tops. This ruffled floral dress simple leaves me feeling super feminine and reminds me of a dress that I wore last year that had a similar print but didn’t have the wonderful ruffles like this one does.

And then, of course, there was the ruffled, yellow top that I wore with a plain white skirt that had such an elegance to it that I still can’t believe that I was able to snag it from Forever 21 for under $30.

A little bit of ruffle

But there are some who only like a little bit of ruffle and can’t always find it which brings me to the ways to tone down the ruffle in the case that you just want to bring it down a notch. The trick is making sure to pair it with pieces that are minimalistic and can compliment the color palette without bringing too much vibrance. Of course, if you have a ruffled top, the way to go is to definitely style it with a pair of jeans and keeping all of the other pieces casual. Maybe, you’ll elect to wear some sneakers or flats, and then keep your make-up natural.

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Ruffles can be found in so many styles other than just tops and dresses. You can even find ruffles with pants where they ruffle the bottom. I especially love when they put ruffles in places that you wouldn’t really think such as the back of a top or on all edges of a wrap dress or skirt. If you head to this Forever 21 shop page, you can find all sorts of ruffled pieces that I have already added to my shopping wishlist.

white dress with ruffles
wearing a ruffle dress

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