The Fall Color I Am Obsessed With This Year

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Fall Color Obsession

Is there a Fall color you are obsessed with? I typically love Fall colors, but it’s not like I am obsessed with a specific color. I usually just naturally gravitate towards deeper neutral tones during the Fall months. But for some reason, this year I have a Fall color obsession and that color is rust. I guess rust can be a more burnt orange or a rustic red, whatever you want to call it, that is the color I can’t get enough of!

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During my blogging break, I was inspired to put together several Fall outfits. And guess what color I kept picking out, especially when it came to purchasing new clothes…. you guessed it, rust!! So I will warn you all now, I will probably have quite a few rust-colored Fall outfits.

The weird part is, I always liked this color, but I was not this OBSESSED. I want sweaters, skirts, pants, blouses, jackets, etc in this color.

It Made the Skirt Look Luxurious

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I fell in love with this Who What Wear skirt because of the color. I think the color made the skirt look more chic and more luxurious. When in fact, I only spent $29.99. Score! When the temperature drops, I think I will pair it with some suede over the knee boots and a chunkier sweater. Oo yes, outfit idea for my Winter posts haha! If you don’t know this, Who What Wear is the BEST Target collection ever. I always get excited when they have new pieces come out!

REPEAT Cashmere

Speaking of sweaters, my turtleneck is my new love. This is my first time trying this brand, and they did not disappoint. If there is anything I think a woman should splurge on it is a cashmere sweater. And go for the simple ones. They just elevate your outfit. So effortlessly chic and it feels so soft! It is a bit of a splurge, but I promise you, you will love it. You can get an extra 15% off by using the code REPEAT634.

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*some of the links below may be affiliate links
REPEAT Cashmere is a company based in Switzerland and they specialize in cashmere. Whenever I hear a company has a specialty, I know it is good. Pretty much because they can focus on perfecting one thing and REPEAT Cashmere definitely did.

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Fall Fashion 2018 Outfit Details

*some of the links below are affiliate links
Turtleneck: c/o REPEAT Cashmere (get 15% off with code REPEAT634)
Skirt: Who What Wear via Target
Shoes: Ivanka Trump (old), similar herehere, and here
Bag: Vintage (thrifted), similar here and here
Earrings: Uncommon James ($74)

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