Hairstyle for Off Shoulder Top

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It’s been a hot minute since I last shared an outfit post. When I first started, I did these more, but lately I’ve delved into how-to’s and reviews because you gals seem to really enjoy these. These types of posts also tie into Fifteen Minutes to Flawless’ mission of providing you with beauty and fashion solutions, but then it hit me today: I can totally share style/beauty tips inside of an outfit post too! Today’s post features the prettiest light pink off shoulder top – along with a few tips for creating your hairstyle for off shoulder top.

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I found this light pink off shoulder top at Topshop when I was in NYC for work and instantly fell in love. I think it’s the combination of off shoulder/light pink and embroidered sleeves that had me swooning. I was so obsessed I actually put in on right in NYC!

When I’m putting myself together I like to think of how my hairstyle works with the rest of my outfit. Are there details near the top of my shirt I want to show off? If so, then I opt for an up-do or a side braid: in other words, a hairstyle that lets the top’s details show and shine. In this case, I love the gathered ruching around the off shoulder neckline, as well as the pretty embroidered sleeves. Wearing my hair down would diminish the pretty off shoulder effect!

Sometimes (as here) I choose a hairstyle that goes with the top, but other times I’m more or less forced into an updo (dirty hair, no time, etc.) and then reach for a top and accessories that work well with said unavoidable bun. Because I do wear my hair up frequently, I learned how to create a chic hair bun quickly and created a how to for it here.

Now, I have to be honest with you and say there are days where I want to be comfortable and reach for a tee or tank that doesn’t necessarily go (or not go) with my 3rd hair bun! ? In this case, statement earrings can make a huge difference when it comes to polishing up a look… although then again I don’t always follow this either. If I’m taking photos that day though I will! ?



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