The Kitten Heels Slingback Trend

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When I first saw this trend, I thought there is no way that anyone under 50 could pull off kitten heels without looking too mature. But then I saw the fun styles and colors with these small kitten heel shoes. Maybe, there was more to this trend and maybe I could actually pull them off.


Am I Too Short to Wear Kitten Heels?

I am 5″2′ so I value the height that shoes gives me! I prefer to wear heels at all times and the thought of wearing a shoes with a 1/2″- 1″ heel felt pointless! However, once I tried on a pair of these kitten heel slingback shoes, I understood the appeal of the trend.

They give you a bit of height, just enough to make you stand a bit straighter. The ones in style now are generally pointed toe heels and that always makes your legs look longer which is something I need! I think that is what makes these small heel shoes look good on everyone.


Dress I Shoes

Full Look

Worth the investment?

I obviously love the high-end designer kitten heels sling backs, but for trendy shoes I tend to purchase the affordable brands. This is something I would recommend for all trendy shoes if you are on a budget like me! I hope you find a pair you like!

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