How to wear an all White Jumpsuit

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Nothing strikes fear into a mom’s heart like an all white outfit. Because, KIDS, y’all. Kids have an internal radar for anything pristine, and will basically find, seek, and destroy.

They will use Cheeto fingers. They will use mud and/or dirt. They will use snot and boogers. They’ll use things I haven’t even considered yet, because THEY ARE TINY SAVAGES.  Regardless, this white jumpsuit is completely worth the risk.

Since I’m all about styling an item multiple ways, in order to make it free (NO), I wanted to share a few outfit ideas for how to wear this all white jumpsuit.

  • Belt it to add some color/interest. This is what I did, and loved the way it added a fun little detail.
  • Accessorize with colorful shoes. Or fun earrings. Or double down and do both.
  • Throw on a fun kimono, so you can be all yeah, I AM a kimono loving, white jumpsuit wearing boss. People will know you aren’t to be trifled with.
  • Layer a graphic tee, sweater, or t-shirt on top, which is probably my favorite hack in the world right now.


There ya go. Your white jumpsuit is now free. Ish. You’re welcome.

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White Jumpsuit Outfit Details

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