Flaunting a floral jumpsuit and a black fan in Barcelona

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I remember my first trip to Spain all too fondly: palm trees, sun without end, lively streets, cheerful people – for me until then almost the exact opposite of Germany. So it was like a new world to me, everything seemed so perfect. An evening in a flamenco bar was the highlight of this unforgettable trip. The sensual dance, the passionate music and the elaborate dresses fascinated me all night long. Since I was only very young, these women stayed for a long time my role models and I wanted to be like them – if only for one night.

Although I do not have a flamenco dress / jumpsuit for my outfit at Barri Gòtic, I do have one that looks very much like that. Like a flamenco dancer, I still felt that day – the passing tourists who photographed me with their DSLRs confirmed that feeling.

I wanted my jumpsuit to be in the foreground. Which is why I almost completely renounced jewellery. Only a narrow chain of Soufeel * and a black fan,  which I bought directly at the shooting location, serve as accessories. The shoes are also simple: black pumps with Zara ankle straps . The bright red lipstick Arriba Colourpop could not be missing either of course. To do justice to the Spanish look, I did not style my hair this time and let my natural waves run free.

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The only jewellery I have combined with this outfit is the souvenir necklace made of Sterling Silver, filigree necklace, plated with 14k gold. As a Pr-Sample I was allowed to choose one of the chains and decided to play the playful font, of course personalized with my own name. The necklace arrived very fast and has very good quality . I have showered a few times and it still looks like new.

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Which country or city fascinates you so much that I always return to it? How do you like my everyday flamenco outfit? I’m looking forward for comments!

This post was written by Gilda.
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