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decision points

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Ok, before I get into this – I’m so sorry I’ve gotten off my Tuesday posting schedule! You may have seen on my Social, my company was sold the end of April. I don’t think I was fully prepared for the INSANITY of the last few weeks! Or maybe there wasn’t a way?! Either way, the initial surge has subsided and I’m a very happy girl…espeically since it means getting back to our weekly chats! <3

Faced with a huge decision

The last few months I’ve been faced with a huge decision…one of the biggest in a long, long time. Facing and making such a big decision got me thinking about those pivotal ‘decision points‘ every one of us will be faced with in our lives. And there’s no way around it- big decisions can be really stressful.

When you think about it, life is really a series of decisions, one after another: What should I have for breakfast? What should I wear? What should I do first on my list? Should I hit the gym after work? Do I try a new foundation or reorder the one that ran out?

Micro decisions

Every day is packed with these micro decisions. They usually aren’t too stressful because the consequences are insignificant on any given day. While I believe our present realities are a sum of all the decisions we’ve made, big and little, good and bad- and all our little decisions add up in a BIG way, tonight I want to talk about those big Decision Points we face from time to time in our lives.

making big decisions

Bigger consequences

The thing about big decisions is they have bigger consequences than the little ones. A new foundation that doesn’t work out? That costs you a couple dollars or the the time to return it. When it comes to the big decisions, there’s a lot more at stake.

For months I thought, prayed and stressed about my Big Decision. I ran it over and over again in my head. (I know you’re wondering, What on earth is her Big Decision? I promise I’ll be able to share it soon!)

how to make big decisions

Realized some important things

Through the process I realized some important things that really helped me out in the end:

  1. There isn’t always one ‘right’ and one ‘wrong’ choice. We tend to polarize decisions in our heads but in lots of cases there’s two right decisions and maybe one is just better than the other. Or, is there a third option you haven’t even considered because you’ve been so focused choosing between the two?
  2. How easily is it reversible? Some decisions are much more easily reversed than others. For instance, buying a home while a huge decision is usually reversible if in the future it doesn’t end up working out. (One big decision that comes to mind where this principle should not apply is getting married. 😉 ) I don’t think you should jump into a decision without thinking it through, but I do think keeping this in mind can take much of the stress out of a big decision and help prevent you from inaction altogether….which brings me to my last-
  3. Doing nothing is a decision too. Inaction or maintaining the status quo is a decision onto itself. More often than not it’s much more comfortable to stay in the same relationship or at the same job. But not taking action when it may be warranted is making a decision. And just like any other decision, it has its consequences too.

Comfort Zone

When you’re at one of these Decision Points, there’s usually several factors you base your decision on. But here’s something not to take into account:

If the decision puts you outside your comfort zone. Don’t give the option that keeps you inside your comfort zone more weight because it does. It could be that the best decision feels really comfortable, but lots of time it won’t be the most familiar route. Don’t let fear hold you back!

making good decisions

We can’t control everything

Last, I have to end this by saying I’m a FIRM believer in the power of prayer and giving it to God when we’re faced with a massive decision. We can’t control everything so when a door opens (or closes) despite our very best efforts, we need to pay attention to that. I truly believe He’s got each of us and as long as we do our best at these Decision Points He’s there to guide us the rest of the way.

Love always,


PS Check back here soon for a VERY exciting life update!

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