How To Be More Confident

how to be more confident

How To Be More Confident

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They say we are our own worst critics. I know I am very critical when it comes to myself. There was a time where I actually thought I was ugly and would constantly tell myself that. This is something that I’ve never really told people before. My cousin and sister knew and even though they told me I wasn’t, I didn’t believe them. And believing negative thoughts about yourself isn’t good. It has taken me a long time to actually be confident in myself. I’m so much more comfortable in my body than I was 5, even 10 years ago. Here are some things I did to be more confident.

Accept a Compliment

Accepting a compliment can be hard especially if it makes you uncomfortable. When you receive one, learn to say ‘thank you.’ Pay attention to how you do it too. Try not to brush it off and quickly change the conversation. Or give a half assed  compliment back. Simply a “thank you, that made my day,” goes such a long way. Or add in “How is your day?” to discretely change the the conversation.

Don’t Undermine

To move the attention away from us, we might comment back with a self deprecating statement. Undermining the compliments we receive can make the person giving them uncomfortable. Accept every word being said to you even if you don’t believe it.

Think Positive

Thinking negative thoughts about ourselves can damper our confidence. Come up with 5 positive thoughts for every negative one. Think of each positive thought for 20 seconds is a great way to help our mindset. Even saying a positive thought over and over again even if you don’t believe can help greatly. Eventually you will start believing that positive thought about yourself.

Being an blogger can definitely hinder your confidence. Especially when you compare yourself to others and spend a lot of time looking at pictures of yourself. If you stare at pictures of yourself for hours, of course you are going to find something wrong with yourself. This is the reason why I decided to write this post. I spent so long editing and looking at these pictures and I kept saying negative things to myself until I caught myself. It is so important to stay positive in this day and age.

I would love to know what you do to stay positive and be more confident?

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