How To Boost Your Creativity For Spring

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boost creativity this spring

Maybe if we try really hard spring will magically appear. The smell of the fresh spring air is something that I am craving and my heart aches for. I want to wear spring clothes and yes I actually want to spring clean. With the new season, usually comes new ideas, a rebirth of inspiration. But after a long, cold winter, ideas may be stuck. Here are some ways to break out of your creative slump and boost some creativity.

How To Boost Your Creativity For Spring

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How To Boost Your Creativity For Spring

Take a Field Trip

What better way to spark some creativity then getting out of the house and exploring someplace new. Visit a museum or art pop up to learn something new. That new coffee shop or restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, go to it. Even something as simple as going for a drive down streets you always pass but have never been on.

How To Boost Your Creativity For SpringHow To Boost Your Creativity For Spring

Create a Vision Board

It is always said, if you visualize something, it is more likely to happen. Think about what you want to accomplish and create a vision board. Whether you want to tear pictures out of magazines or create something on Pinterest. Find something that inspires you and find as many pictures that you can that fill your heart with joy.

How To Boost Your Creativity For SpringHow To Boost Your Creativity For Spring

Make a Playlist

Listening to music and creating the most perfect playlist is a great way to get those creative juices flowing. Personally, I love listening to older songs where I just want to dance and sing at the top of my lungs. Of course, there are some newer songs where I want to do this too, but there is just something about songs from the 80’s and 90’s that I love. There is this one song by Alexz Johnson called Shout and my sister and I used to drive around during the summer with the windows down hoping to stop at a red light during the chorus so people would turn and look.

How To Boost Your Creativity For SpringHow To Boost Your Creativity For Spring

Add a New Skill

Ever wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, learn to paint or even knit. It doesn’t need to be a full on course. Signing up for just one class is enough to find yourself a creative outlet. Don’t keep putting it off. Search for a class you want to do and then sign up without hesitation.

How To Boost Your Creativity For Spring

Change Up Your Work Space

Working in the confinements of the same work space day after day can become a little suffocating. Moving things around or adding some new furniture or pieces, even fresh flowers will make the space feel like new.

Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

There’s just something about going refreshing by going through your wardrobe and getting rid of pieces that are dingy or you just don’t want or wear anymore. Replace the any pieces of your capsule wardrobe that needs replacing. When you like what you are wearing each day, you will be more confident and more likely ready to create.

How To Boost Your Creativity For Spring


I will forever and always recommend self-care. Start each morning my doing something for you. And I don’t mean scrolling through Instagram or checking your email. Savor your cup of coffee or tea, meditate. Take your time doing your skincare routine. Make sure whatever you decide to do is something you truly want to do and not on the list of things you “need” to do.


What do you do to get your creative sparks flowing?

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