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I’m Someone’s Daughter Too….

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treat me like someones daughter

Photo Credit: https://mandmphotographygallery.com/

The kind of man you’d want your daughter to date

The idea for this shirt came to me organically. I was having a conversation with a young man a while ago about his immature behavior. In order to make him deeply understand where I was coming from I said to him, “be the kind of man you’d want your daughter to date or be friends with.” He had no rebuttal.

The behavior of some men

That evening, I was venting to my mother about the behavior of some men and how I was sick of it. I then told her about my conversation, and I reiterated the fact that I wanted men to treat women like they would want someone to treat their daughters. My mother began co-signing my proclamation and in the middle of her praise, I interrupted her and said, “Ma, that should really be on a shirt.” And here we are…

Although this shirt evolved from my experiences with males. it actually speaks to both men and women. Check out what I’m talking about below.

How you want another man to treat her

Men – this movement has nothing to do with how you actually treat your daughter or how you will treat your future daughter. It has everything to do with how you want another man to treat her and you reciprocating that behavior when it comes to other girls/women. When you encounter a female, be mindful of the fact that your own daughter (or future daughter) will be navigating this world one day – plant some good seeds for her karma.
~ Talk to us like you would want someone to talk to your daughter.
~ Be considerate of our feelings like you wish for someone to be considerate of your daughter’s feelings.
~ Don’t govern our bodies because you wouldn’t want another man governing your daughter’s body.
~ Protect and stand up for us like you hope someone will do for your baby girl.
Keep in mind that every female you meet, deal with, have a friendship with, a relationship with, etc. is someone’s daughter. Treat her as such. 

Photo Credit: https://mandmphotographygallery.com/
Photo Credit: https://mandmphotographygallery.com/

Show your fellow women some grace

Women – Show your fellow woman the same grace you would want another female showing your daughter.
~ Don’t stare her up and down with negativity burning through your eyes.
~ Don’t publicly support her then silently pray for her downfall.
~ Lift her up with beautiful words and unending inspiration just like you would want someone to lift your little girl up.
~ Don’t be nasty to her because her abilities make you feel insecure.
~ Don’t hate when you see God’s favor shining through the fruits of her labor.
The last thing you would want is for someone to do any of these things to your daughter….or even you – you’re somebody’s daughter too.
Photo Credit: https://mandmphotographygallery.com/
Photo Credit: https://mandmphotographygallery.com/

Let’s love ourselves

Self – Ladies, let’s love ourselves as if we are our own daughters. Let’s give ourselves the understanding, unconditional love, patience, grace, and forgiveness we would give our little girls. Let’s take care of ourselves and have mercy on ourselves, all while keeping in mind that we aren’t perfect – but as close to perfection as it will get.

We are divine energy personified. We are constantly evolving. We are walking, talking blessings. Let’s act accordingly.

This shirt is the beginning of a campaign – a campaign to hold ourselves and our men accountable. Join the campaign by purchasing your shirt here.

Photo Credit: https://mandmphotographygallery.com/
Photo Credit: https://mandmphotographygallery.com/

P.S. – There is a only a limited supply of these shirts for now. I wanted to introduce them to my subscribers first before I put them on social media. I hope you will consider spreading this message by purchasing a t-shirt….if not, it’s all good…..I’m still rocking with ya! xoxoxo

Peace and Blessings,
– Samjah Iman

Samjah Iman
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