Letting Go

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letting go of clutter

Trying to go with the flow

And how about this Mercury Retrograde and multiple eclipse month?? I’m already experiencing the expected technical glitches and am just trying to go with the flow. Mercury Retrograde is a great time to take care of unfinished business and that’s exactly what I’ve been setting my mind to at present!

de-cluttering process

Super overwhelmed and run down

I actually got started just before 4th of July with a major (and very belated) Spring cleaning. As we were wrapping up our season one shooting for The Fash Life series, I began to feel super overwhelmed and run down. For the past year I have gotten deep into a guided meditation/manifestation workshop and the realization that it was time to let a few things go became crystal clear.

Painful Business Partnership

It started with letting go of a painful business partnership that I stayed in for too long because I mistakenly considered my colleagues to be my friends, and has now moved into cleaning out every closet, drawer and cabinet in my house. I can’t even begin to describe how cathartic this process of letting go is! It feels like doing a spiritual cleanse for my soul.

overwhelming and run down

My de-cluttering process

When I first began my de-cluttering process, I had no idea where to begin. Between shooting, trying to sell our house and my severe Vitamin D deficiency related exhaustion, I had let things get so cluttered for the past year. With our house on the market for so long, we’ve spent so much time “cleaning up” for Open Houses and showings, that a lot of stuff ended up getting shoved away. As soon as I got going though, I started to find this process of letting go addicting! Is it weird that I am actually looking forward to finally cleaning out my garage this weekend?

cleaning up our house

Shorts and Sunnies

Besides cleaning though (yes, I’ve totally become old and boring), I’m also really looking forward to stepping out and enjoying this beautiful Summer weather. Normally we get about 9 months of Summer in LA, but this year was much different. We had a long cold Winter and a wet and gloomy Spring, so it’s nice to put on a pair of shorts and sunnies.

tweed yellow shorts

Sister Jane

I’ve been rather obsessed with a UK label called Sister Jane for awhile and this blouse and tweed shorts were a must buy as soon as I saw them on their website. I styled this look with a couple of my other favorites… my Birdies slippers that I’ve been living in all year and my Tammy & Benjamin bag that has proven to be such a closet staple that I now own it in two colors. I love how both of these pieces have transitioned so easily from Winter and Spring into Summer.

blouse and tweed shorts

Outfit Details

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Sister Jane blouse and shorts / Birdie’s slippers / Tammy & Benjamin bag (also love this more affordable bag – both are on sale!) / Gucci sunglasses

Photos by Mo Summers.
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