Leveling Up is Expensive

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leveling up is expensive

Ending to begin again

I remember when I was presented as a debutante during my senior year of high school. The theme my mother came up with for my tea was “Ending to Begin Again.” Preparing for my debut, my mother and I sat and stuffed each invitation to my soirée in its proper envelope. Every time I picked up an invitation, I read the bold theme written above my picture….Ending to Begin Again, Ending to Begin Again.

The theme kind of confused me because in my head graduating high school was a big thing, and now that I was close to accomplishing it – I figured the rest of my life as an adult would be a breeze. In an attempt to undo my confusion, I asked my mother what her motive was behind that theme. My mother – eager to take advantage of a teachable moment – grinned, looked me dead in my face, and said……“you’re conquering one milestone only to start another, hun.”

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No ceiling to life

Since then, I’ve been continuously learning that the more I accomplish, the more I have to do. There is really no ceiling to life if you want the most out of it. I often hear people saying how easier and more enjoyable life will be if they could just get the job they want, the perfect mate, the cozy house, the luxurious car, more customers, etc. And these things may definitely enhance your life, but with all of those things come more work. Just got that degree you’ve been working hard for? Congrats! But now you have to put it to work. Loving that new house you’re in? Cool! But don’t forget to get it sprayed for bugs, mow the lawn, change the smoke detectors, and pay the taxes. New boo, huh? Lovely! It’s now time to learn how to communicate effectively with that person, learn how to share your space, and come up with a flow that benefits the both of you.

Going to the next level is expensive

Conquering goals motivates us to strive hard each and everyday. But keep in mind that going to the next level is expensive. It requires more energy, more wisdom, more time, more spiritual alignment, etc. Don’t get caught up in the notion that once you’ve accomplished a certain goal, it’s smooth sailing for the rest of the ride. In The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey, she discusses how even after 25 years on her popular television show, success still didn’t come easy – in fact, it became more challenging. When referencing a commencement speech she was invited to make at Harvard University (which totally intimidated her), Oprah wrote, “it seemed, the higher I hiked, the trickier the terrain.” Take it from our Auntie O, if you desire to continuously move up in life, you have to pay the cost that comes with it.

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To sum up this post, think about the bible verse that says, “to whom much is given, much is required.” And if you’re a spiritual gangsta, take into consideration this truism from the great, late Notorious BIG – “Mo money, Mo Problems.”

Continue to level up, but always be mindful of the simple fact that you’re always Ending to Begin Again.

Paying the cost,

– Samjah Iman

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