Show, Don’t Tell

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show them dont tell them

People are so loud these days

It seems like a lot of people are so loud these days… especially on social media. Everyone is telling you who they are, what they got going on, how hard they hustle, what they make, who wants them, what kind of perks they have, how super real they are, how they should not be disrespected, how they are a queen or king, etc. Don’t get me wrong, everyone should exude confidence and think highly of themselves. I’m all for self-love. However, as the New Orleans bred rapper Lil Wayne once put it, “What’s understood ain’t got to be explained.”


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There is no need to state the obvious. If you are walking in your light, you don’t have to tell people that you are shinning. They will see it. You don’t have to verbally demand respect from anyone. Carry yourself in a manner that deserves respect. And if a person isn’t respecting you even when you carry yourself as such, simply remove yourself from the situation.

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What point am I trying to prove?

Going back and forth with anyone (whether it be a colleague, a stranger, a family member, or a mate) about who you are, how you will be treated, what moves you make, and what you represent is useless. As a matter of fact, it often exposes your insecurities and diminishes your character. Whenever I catch myself telling someone who I am and what I’m about, I ask myself – “What point am I trying to prove? And am I trying to prove this point to them or MYSELF?”

“The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room. ”

— Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas (American Gangster)

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Show them who you are, don’t tell them

Think about it….does a true queen or king have to constantly reiterate that they are royalty? Nope, they just live in their nobility. Does the bible say that Jesus ever boasted or felt the need to continually tell people what He was capable of? Not that I read. He just did His thing and let His power speak for itself, and that’s the level I’m trying to get on.

Show them who you are, don’t tell them. Remember actions are way louder than words.

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– Samjah Iman

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Fun fact: These leather pants came from my mother’s closet. She purchased them when she was 28 years old! The leather trench coat came from my aunt’s closet. Both of these items were bought before I was born. This is a lesson that buying quality clothing items is truly an investment. My sweatshirt came from H&M some time ago and boots from Zara.

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