The Power of One

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a simple t shirt with a powerful message
the power of one
statement white tee
white tee and grey denim

Met some very inspiring people

I’ve been partnering with a local boutique here in Southern Oregon for support on both sides, and in the process I have met some very inspiring people! For instance, the owner of the boutique – Kim – has been such a positive and encouraging person in my life. Through her, I have not only up’d my style game, but I have networked and have become friends with some brilliant local business women!

The Power of One

This shirt I’m wearing is showcasing a special young lady’s message who I have gotten to meet along the way and I can’t wait to share that message with you now.

The power of ONE.

I met this young lady at an event at the local boutique I mentioned above and was blown away by what she had to say at just 12 years old. 12!! Her message is simple, embrace your individuality. She has grown weary of walking her school halls and seeing her classmates lost in a sea of comparison and lack of self worth, and she is hoping that though her message – and shirts – she will inspire some change, and bring hope and confidence to those around her.

A simple t-shirt with a powerful message

A simple t-shirt with a powerful message, SIGN ME UP! If you’d like to support this young entrepreneur, all you have to do is send a DM to Volamos Boutique and Kim will give you all the deets!

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