Why you should shop vintage

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why you should shop vintage

In love with vintage fashion

I’ve always been in love with vintage fashion. There’s something so interesting about clothes that come with a history, a vintage shirt is like a piece of art – and in the age of fast fashion, it is the key to developing your own, unique style and not look like everyone else. However, it can be quite tiring to scour through hundreds of racks of clothing only to leave without actually finding anything – that is, until I found out about online vintage shops. They do the digging for you, and you’ll find only the best pieces in carefully curated collections.

So why shop vintage in the first place?

Vintage clothing is often of much better quality than the pieces you’ll find on the high street. Most pieces are even handmade using reinforced fabrics that look even better after a bit of age.

Another huge reason on why you should consider vintage is because it is the most sustainable way to shop. The clothing and textile industry is the second-largest polluter in the world; When you’re shopping vintage you are purchasing something that has already been made – and therefore you’re not contributing to clothing ending up as landfill.


If you’re still not convinced that vintage shopping is for you – maybe because you feel as if the clothes are somewhat ‘outdated’ – but let me stop you right there! The word you are looking for is TIMELESS. I mean, when you think about it, the things we see on the runway are just comebacks from previous decades. Who would’ve thought fanny packs and shoulder pads would come back in style? My point is that you can find great (maybe even better) pieces that are still trendy and relevant in an online vintage shop.

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Let’s save the planet and look chic as hell!

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