Facing Your Fears

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facing your fears
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All humans are vulnerable

I’ve been giving a lot of thought about FEAR lately and how all humans are vulnerable because of the deeply embedded fears we hold. I had the fear of failing, fear of heartbreak, fear of judgment from others, fear of abandonment, fear of loneliness, fear of the unknown…

When I chose to face each of those fears that I have, I notice how a little part of me feels more liberated with each passing day. We are often more frightened than hurt and we suffer more from imagination than reality.

Our mind is without limits

Our mind is without limits, except for those that we put on it. When we feel imprisoned, the prison is one you yourself have built within your mind and to liberate oneself is by facing those fears.

2019 has been a year where I’ve faced so many of my fears, coloring outside the line, letting go of my worries and anxiety, and doing things that would normally make me feel uncomfortable. You will always continue to surprise yourself with how capable you are when you’re actively facing your fear. I really want to encourage my readers to step outside of your comfort zone and face some of your laundry list of fears

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