Fall Fashion Trends: Animal Print

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I wore a very similar dress around this time last year, and surprise surprise – animal print is again a fall fashion trend!

When it comes to trends – some are worth investing in and some are fleeting. Animal print is fairly classic and versatile when it comes to styling, dad sneakers on the other hand is not a trend I’ve been able to hop on nor will I shell out loads of money on the designer sneaks – just not my thing.

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This dress I think is a gorgeous design and flattering for multiple body shapes and sizes. There are tiny little details that add so many fun elements: the high neck, the buttoned cuffs, and of course the open back detail. Quite demure I must say!

printed midi dress and hat
midi dress and bag
printed midi dress and heels
fall fashion trends animal print

Overwhelmed with the Amount of Stuff I had

Would you believe me if I told you this dress came from Rent the Runway? I’m now a Rent the Runway Unlimited member (a monthly membership) and I couldn’t love it more. After my move into the new house and packing/unpacking my closet I just was overwhelmed with the amount of STUFF I had – and not all of it was even great stuff.

How to stay “on trend” but not throw money away?

I’m not a blogger who buys stuff purely for pictures only to return it to the store or sell it on Poshmark – I actually really hate that. I keep everything I wear, but I found that the money I was spending on the momentary trends not the be worth it. So how to stay “on trend” but not throw money away? Rent the Runway Unlimited has been my answer in both a financial respect and in regard to my closet.

What’s your favorite fall trend this season?

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fall fashion printed dress
fall fashion trends animal print dress

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