How to Style Printed Pants

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how to style printed pants

I am a true sucker for clothing that makes a statement – especially if it is a conversation starter. When I am shopping and I find a piece of clothing that allows me to catch the eye of at least one person in the room, I have a hard time not adding that piece of clothing to my closet. And lately, the one thing that I have been seeing in a lot of stores is printed pants. So the question is, how to style printed pants?

printed pants statement piece

I snagged these printed pants from Primark for only $7 and they have been one of my best shopping finds this summer. These loose pants are comfortable and can honestly be worn as day pants and as pajamas. The print was also available as shorts, but with us moving closer towards Fall, I decided that pants was the way to go so I can wear them into the colder months.

When styling printed pants, you want to make sure that the pants stay the center of the outfit. If you put too many prints in your outfit, things will start to get a little busy, and then your outfit will start to look like an optical illusion. You don’t want that – those give people headaches after awhile.

For me, I like to style my printed pants with a neutral color top. The past way to go is to pull one of the neutral or base tones from the pants so that it color combines. With these pants, I could wear a navy blue top, a white top, or even a maroon top to pull color from the main blocks of the printed pants.

Additionally, I also like to add some accessories to not make the top look so plain. A statement necklace is usually something that I’ll lean on in this type of outfit because it is not going to pull away from the pants, but it is going to break up the plainness of the basic top. It doesn’t have to be something that is too statement, because you don’t want to pull anything from those printed pants.

And then finally, play with the waist. With these, depending on what shoe I am wearing, I may wear then high waisted or on my waist line. This is only because these are draw-stringed which not all are, but a good amount of them in stores right now are. You can then pair the waistline with a wide belt and section off your top from your pants.

Make the outfit yours and try different things. Just make sure to keep the pants as the center piece of the outfit. It’s a conversation starter to make sure you have a conversation to go with it!

loose pants and basic tops
loose printed pants and basic tank top

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