How to Use Clothes to Complement Your Skin Complexion

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We all know there are certain colors that just aren’t in our fashion color wheel. For example certain greens or grays just don’t mesh well with my skin complexion. I have realized that the moss color is just not one that I would prefer to wear as it doesn’t help with anything. Everyone’s complexion has a fashion color wheel that many of us discover as we begin wearing a collection of different hues. Others are still trying to figure their fashion color wheel out.

I’m a firm believer that we all need to discover our color wheel, especially after we have established a foundation for our wardrobes, and I want to share with you why you need to know yours, what it can do for your complexion, and how you can find it if you haven’t already.

When searching for your fashion color palette, it is all about going outside of your comfort zone. We have all fallen into the trap of sticking with the basic minimalist colors of black, white and gray and then just picking out pieces that we feel aren’t too crazy such as a denim jacket or a neutral top.

But often times, we need to pick out those brighter colors and try them on. I learned that yellow was in my color wheel in high school when my grandmother picked out a yellow dress for me for prom. When she first picked it up, I turned up my nose because it was too bright and I thought it wasn’t for me, but when I tried it on, I gawked at how well it flattered my complexion. Now, I will admit that I didn’t end up wearing that dress to prom because I didn’t want it to accentuate the tan lines that I had from track season, but in that moment I realized that yellow was a color that I needed to fill my closet with.

After you have found one strong color, try to start picking out other colors that are in that palette. Typically, those colors will flatter you too. I know that yellow goes well with a brown and tan, so I have found that certain shades of brown/tan are flattering to me. I’ll also go towards reds/maroons, brighter greens, and certain shades of purple. All colors that connect with yellow.

When you have found your colors, you’ll soon discover that by wearing those colors you’ll feel more confident in what you are wearing. And that some of those skin or body insecurities that you have will go away because they become so unnoticeable. I have a huge insecurity about the scars on my back, but when I wear clothing in my colors that bear my back, I feel a little more confident and those scars become invisible.

So I highly recommend that you go out and find your colors and start including them into your wardrobe basing it on the colors of the season and what makes you feel powerful in your own clothes.

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