Define Your Style: Why Is It So Hard?

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define your style

People often ask me to “define your style” or what is my style. Admittedly I kinda hate that question. I want to be clear. I have nothing against the people who ask it. In fact, I 100% understand why people ask it. But that doesn’t make me dislike the question any less…

I don’t like the question because I feel like it puts me in a box. I know, I know. It sounds cliche. But that’s honestly how I feel! Maybe it’s just my personality? And I think it’s because of this– Maybe I want to feel classically Audrey Hepburn one day and the next I want to look like the 90’s version of Rachel from Friends. So what? I can do it and I will do it!

what is my style
your style

I am a mom so sometimes (a lot of times) I am sporting no makeup in sweatpants and a tee with my hair in a messy bun. I am an Oregonian so sometimes I need to let my hippie side shine. I am also 100% obsessed with fashion and chose a career around it so yes, I am also going to whip out those Gucci boots and designer jeans.

I want to mix and match all of the things (well, most of the things) and create a whole new style called ME.

So me, one thing? Never!

Here’s why I just can’t seem to put just one word to what is my style and why you might not either (or maybe you think I’m a total lunatic) —

Evolution– It’s a thing

Your style always changes and evolves because well, you change and evolve. It’s okay to change your mind and decide you like totally different things than you used to. It happens to me all of the time! You adapt as a human being and so does your style. Do you girl! When I look back at what I used to wear I’m like eeeeek! But then again I don’t care because I remember how I felt wearing it and I felt good and that’s really all that matters.

Don’t box me up maaan

At least for me, if I say that I’m one thing, I feel pressure to be that thing. Wait, wait. Did that even make sense? For example, you might say that your style is urban. But what happens when you want to rock a head to toe flower child bohemian look? I used tell myself I can’t wear that. I can’t pull that off. My style is xyz. Don’t do that to yourself! Don’t you do it! You can wear and be whatever you want mama, and you will look fab doing it!

Here’s the thing– You can have one go-to style if you want. That’s cool. Or you can incorporate a million styles into your style. Or anything in between.

wear whatever you want
i cant wear
define your style

I guess my point of this post is really this– You are amazing and beautiful and you can wear whatever you want and feel good wearing whatever you want. Don’t let what you used to wear or what people think you should wear define what you actually wear. Confidence is more attractive than anything that you put on your body and you’ll be the most confident when you feel yourself. So don’t be afraid to try new things and have confidence doing it!

Hopefully this post made at least some sort of sense. Word vomit? Maybe. I’m just pouring out a little of my soul!



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