Parisian Chic in Los Angeles

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Today was SUCH a successful day! As of late, my Sunday ritual has been going to flea markets and trying to get the best deals and steals. I have been looking for a red runner for my kitchen, for forever now and I finally found one at the Long Beach Antique Market!
These images were taken shortly after my trip to Europe. I was missing the Parisian chic vibe so much that I was on the hunt to find a Parisian like restaurant. The La Tropezienne Bakery  was saved on my Instagram and I figured why not? P.s. who else uses the Instagram save feature for food, restaurants and other inspo?
This bakery was just what I needed! The La Tropezienne Bakery is located on La Brea Avenue, in Los Angeles, and is about 5 minutes from Melrose. I had a delicious croissant and caught up on the local news. Am I the only one that still reads the newspaper? It must be the Brit in me.
This year I want to keep my creative juices flowing and post in cooler, more thought-out locations. I feel like last year I always posted in front of white/grey walls. BORING! Lately, I have been using city backdrops, but I am always on the hunt for new places to shoot. Where do you like to take your photos? I look forward to hearing from you all!
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