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The weather is still so warm here in Sunny Southern California, so I pulled off this Parisian Chic look without a coat.

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The hubby was not a fan of this look, but it definitely turned some heads on the mean streets of Beverly Hills.

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I think the thing that threw him off was the mix of stripes and plaid, but it’s almost 2019 and mixed prints are here to stay for awhile. ?

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Don’t Forget the Beret!

The puffy sleeves, pointy toe lace-up booties and round bag are the perfect formula for Parisian Chic flair. And don’t forget the beret. I purchased this one years ago when Gossip Girl was still on the air. It reminds me of Blair Waldorf’s attempts at plotting, scheming and spying on people every time I wear it. Does anyone else miss that show as much as I do?

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Perfect Addition to this Parisian Chic Look

I always got a kick out of how Blair thought no one could see her when she put on her beret and trench coat. What she lacked in spying skills, she certainly made up for in style. Also, a trench would be a perfect addition to this Parisian chic look if you live somewhere where it’s actually chilly.

plaid skirt and beret

And speaking of amazing shows, are any of you watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? I got to attend a sneak peek of the new season last night, but can’t give anything away (seriously they made me sign an NDA). The one thing I will tell you though is that it’s every bit as marvelous as season one and then some!

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If you happen to love Mrs. Maisel’s handbag collection as much as I do, I highly recommend checking out Tammy & Benjamin’s collection! This bag is my first purchase from the collection and I’m having a hard time narrowing down my list for my next one. Luckily Christmas is near (hint, hint Mister Pretty Little Shopper). ?

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Outfit Details

*some of the links below are affiliate links
Storets blouse (similar here and here) and skirt
Steve Madden booties (similar herehere and here)
Tammy & Benjamin bag
Lola felt beret
Oliver Peoples oversized sunglasses (similar here)

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Photos by Mo Summers.

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